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I am George G. Pierce.  My Internet Marketing (IM) experience is over 15 years.  I am still learning and I do not consider myself a 'guru'.


In that amount of time, I have learned a few things about Internet Marketing that work and a few million things that do not work.

This site is my way of helping to make your IM experience easier and faster.  


My story:


Over 20 years ago, I was able to lose about 25 pounds and I have been able to maintain ever since.   In an effort to make sure that I would not regain the weight, I felt that learning as much as I could about weight loss and dieting would prevent my allowing the weight to return.  My research helped me to discover the real secrets of how to keep weight off permanently (visit Win At Losing Weight).  What else I discovered was that the weight loss niche is highly exploited.  There were and still are many products and programs that are scams or near scams.  In an effort to 'expose' these frauds, I decided to use the Internet.  That was over 15 years ago.




I have learned that a negative approach such as 'exposure' is not as effective as a positive approach such as training.  The same applies to Internet Marketing.  You are probably already aware that many products and programs do not work or do not work as promised.   The funny thing is that both weight loss failure and Internet Marketing failure is blamed on the user.  The fact is that there are simple skills and information that you have not learned.  Success at Internet Marketing is a matter of knowing how.  Your member area is here to help you with the 'knowing how'.   


My friends, I thank you for joining and wish you success on your Internet Marketing journey.  You are in for a wonderful adventure, enjoy it.

George G. Pierce