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Hi and welcome.

I am George Pierce, an Internet Marketer for almost 20 years.

I want to put my name and face on this offer to help you realize that what you are about to discover is real and legit.  This is a serious opportunity that works and it will work for you!  If you can commit an hour a day, please read on.

money and
time freedom
How to make a killing online working an hour a day!

The following is a perfect combination for success while working from home.  It is a marriage of a free web browser that pays you to browse and an easy marketing strategy that anyone can learn. 

The web browser is CryptoTab Browser(CTB).  What makes it unique is that it is 8X faster and that it mines BitCoins as you browse and you get paid.  You get paid to browse!

How can a web browser make you rich?

By mining BitCoins while you browse, you are being paid to do something that you are already doing. In other words, with zero effort, you are making money that you were not making before. 

The browser is free, but is it really any good?

People Love CryptoTab Browser!

When people love your product, success gets a lot easier.

browser reviews

There is NO SELLING! 

Since CTB is free, selling is not an issue. No selling, no phone, no finding leads, none of that is necessary. 

Everyone Who Is Online is a Potential Customer
Internet Usage
Market Research is a valuable step in determining whether there is a market for CTB.  Not only is World Internet Usage growing at an average rate of 55% per year, there are already over 4.2 Billion Internet Users.  The sky is the limit.  Every one of the 4.2 Billion online users is a potential customer. 


CryptoTab Browser compensation plan:

income levles
CryptoTab Browser offers two powerful income levers.  You can leverage your CTB income through what is called DUPLICATION and RESIDUAL INCOME. 

How does duplication and residual income benefit you?

Whenever you or I find that an opportunity provides DUPLICATION and  RESIDUAL INCOME, it means that we have at our fingertips two powerful ways to 'leverage' our efforts. 


You and I can only do so much by ourselves, we can only work so many hours, we are one person.  Duplication is a process that allows us to multiply ourselves through others.
You or I can go to a job and earn one paycheck.  If we had the ability to duplicate our efforts again and again, we could earn two paychecks, four paychecks, and on and on.  This is the power of duplication
When we can earn from our own efforts and others' efforts month after month, this is called RESIDUAL INCOME.  Think of residual income like receiving income over and over on an investment.  The income comes in month after month. 

When residual income opportunities such as CryptoTab Browser have no limit as to
how long you will earn... you have virtually infinite residual income!  When your residual income is ongoing, it is true residual income. 

CryptoTab Browser offers BOTH duplication and residual income! 

Duplication and residual income opportunities are what will make your dreams of financial independence come true. 

Linear Income which is what a job pays, offers neither. 

The Secret To CryptoTab Browser Success in Referrals! 

By referring others to CTB, you will make money.
As you will soon see, you will make lots of money. 
downline income projections for ctb
The left mage is a snapshot of the CTB income calculator.  It is based on you referring 5 friends who refer 5 friends and so on down the line. 

Shortly you will see how you can easily refer 72 people per month with a copy and paste marketing technique.

The point that I want to make clear is that the money is in the referrals..  Based on my experience, my CryptoTab Browser is earning me a little over 3 cents a day or  about $1.00 per month. 

First, let's take a look at the money, then let's look at how an hour a day can change your financial future forever.

For every referral you make, you will earn 15% of what they earn (level one).  If they make about $1.00 per month, you will make $.15 per month per referral...every month!  You will also make about $.10 per month for every referral that they bring in (level 2, month after month), and $.05 per month for the next level and so on. 
To Bookmark this page,  hit ctrl and D keys together.

Although we are only talking about pennies, you are about to see how they can really add up.  The secret to making money is getting referrals.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to get referrals.which is using free classified ads. 

Manually submitting free classified ads:

For your first 30 days, write 2 to 4 ads per day (30 minutes) and manually submit ads (30 minutes).  In your first month, you should be submitting about 12 ads per day.  Do not worry about how to do this, you will find all the resources you need below as well as a few marketing tips and secrets.  Each ad can generate from 30 to 100+ visitors per month, let's go with 10 visitors per ad per month.

In your first month, your free ads should generate about 3600 visitors (12 ads/day times 30 days times 10 visitors=3600 visitors).  These are visitors, not referrals. 

On the low side, about 1% or 1 out of 100 should become a referral.  This means that 3600 visitors should mean that you will have at least 36 referrals at the end of month one.

In  month two and beyond, your ads will be already written, so you can copy and paste at least twice as many ads.  Manually submitting 24 ads per hour should generate about 7200 visitors per month.  At 1%, month two and beyond should add about 72 referrals to your level one per month. 

The experts tell us that about 20% of us truly want success and are willing to go after it, yet only about 3% succeed.  In other words, about 20 out of 100 referrals should follow in your footsteps and bring in referrals. Let's go on the low side of the industry average and go with 3. 

What does this mean to you?

It means that out of every 100 referrals, you and I should find 3 'go getters' who will refer others.  The beauty of this is that it is a fact.  Better yet, the 3 go getter will way more than make up for the other 97.  In other words, for every 100 referrals, you and I will find at least 3 that are going to do as we have been doing. 

When those 3 go getters  DUPLICATE our results, they will also bring in 36 referrals of their own in month one and 72 referrals in month two and beyond. 

Based on my experience of $1 per month, let's take another look at the referral income chart.

At a rate of mining $1 per month, you and I will earn about $5.40 for level one in our first month, and our level one income should grow by about $10.80 each month thereafter  In addition, you should be adding a level per month to your downline. 
The negative that you may have noticed is that even though your income should be more than you see at the right, it will be low for the first several months. 

So why am I interested in CryptoTab Browser and, more importantly, why should you be interest in it.  

As I mentioned before, CTB offers you and I the power of duplication and residual income
income chart
Taking a closer look at what happens after the first 6 levels!

What starts to happen is called a 'snow ball' effect.  As duplication and residual income get rolling, they create an unstoppable snowball that will get bigger and bigger.

In order make more money sooner, the question that you are probably asking is "How can you speed up the process?"

Why Not Send Out More Ads?

What if you could send out more ads, but not have to work more hours.  One way to improve your income is to work more hours such as 3 hours per day or 21 hours a week.  The other way is to automate your ad submission. 

vacation beach

Automated ad submission!

I began using free classified ads many years ago.  Initially, I submitted the ads manually.  I found it tedious, and I believe that others may feel the same way.  As soon as I realized that using free ads worked, I decided that automated ad submission had to be a better option and it is. 

I discovered that all of the free ad submitters that I used were disappointing and I am sorry to report that the cheap ad submitters that I tried were also disappointing.  Fortunately, I discovered an automated ad submitter (actually two) that I love.  I settled on one and I still use it today.  You will find more information about these ad submitters below.  The bottom line is that automated ad submission will help you to send out many more ads.and in a fraction of the time.

How and Why YOU are going to be different!

You and I are going to be different by being better.  Being better will mean that you and I will not simply share CTB with others, we will impress upon them the importance of referrals and then share how free classified ads can make getting referrals easy and fast. 

How can you share?  Easy!  Share this web page.  You have permission to use this page (copy and paste on to your web site)...be sure to change the CTB links to your links and add your name and photo.

Need help with setting up a web page?  Click here for free hosting with one of the easiest site builders.  It will help make creating your own page and changing links a breeze,

Four Parts To Your Success!

Part One of the reason for your success will be that you are fully and clearly aware that your success lies in referrals.

Part two is that you need to impress this on others and to see that they do the same on down the line.

Part three is that you have the proper training and resources which you will find below.

Part four is that you provide your referrals with the same training and resources to insure their success.  Your success depends on my help and their success depends on your help. 

Click Here to get started with CTB now!

How to find free classified ad sites:

You can type 'list of free classified ad sites' into your web browser.

You will find that there are thousands of classified ads sites.

75   Free classified Ad sites   
1    wallclassifieds.com   
2    giganticlist.com
3    FinderMaster.com   
4    FreeAdsTime.org
5    ClassifiedsFactor.com  
 6    ebayclassifieds
7    h1ad.com   
8    Oodle.com
9    sell.com   
10    classifiedads
11    Click.in  
12    Indialist  
13    Locanto   
14    indoClassified.com  
15    classifiedslive   
16    Rediff Classifieds  
17    Bechna   
18    Khojle   
19    Adpost   
20    Ddoos  
21    Vivastreet   
22    Webindia123   
23    inetgiant.com   
24    vast.com   
25    yakaz.com   
26    pennysaverusa.com   
27    daype.com   
28    ziply.com   
29    Adeex   
30    Whereincity  
31    Ivarta classifieds
32    Digitalbhoomi-digital ads
33    ocala4sale.com sell ads
34    bonqo.com classifieds
35    traderonline.com ads
36    claz.org ads
37    Goforads-free online ads
38    Meramaal ad posting
39    Indnav classified listing
40    Classifiedsden-free ad site
41    Zopdy free classifieds
42    adlandpro.com ad listings
43    Thisismyindia ads
44    Sulekha free listings
45    Ibibo advertising
46    Indiagrid online ads
47    salespider
48    Sify classifieds
49    domesticsale.com
50    Adsmantra
51    epage.com   
52    freeadscity.com
53    recycler.com   
54    chooseyouritem
55    webcosmo.com   
56    Rajb2b
57    hoobly.com   
58    Indyapulse
59    freeadlists.com   
60    Bupio
61    bestwayclassifieds  
62    wantedwants.com
63    webclassifieds.us 
64    Dragg
65    Classifieds4me   
66    E-classifieds.net
67    Boostim   
68    buysellcommunity.com
69    Classifieds.co.uk   
70    businesslist
71    Askht   
72    Google.com/base
73    Classifieds.yahoo.com   
74    Kaboo.com
75    Bizmartindia   

AdlandPro World's Classifieds
Get Linked from 49,000 + sites with one click.

Writing Your Ads!

The following tips wiill help you to write ads that will get a better response.  To write an effective ad (one that creates traffic...one that gets clicked) follow these simple steps:

1:  Grab Attention!  The job of your headline or title is to grab your prospects attention.
2: Explain your offer.  Here is where you want to share some of  the features and benefits.  Focus on the benefits and how they relate to your prospect.  FYI:  Go deeper than make money or making money if you are offering an opportunity.  The benefit is what the money can do for your prospect such as provide for a nicer home, get out of debt, a prosperous retirement, etc.
3: Call to Action.  Always ask or tell your prospect to take action, such as click here to learn more, click here to learn why, click here to get started, click here to download, etc.

Tracking Your Ads:

Tracking your ads is important.  You need to know which ads are working and which are not.  Tracking is available for free with most link shorteners.   bit.ly is very popular, easy to use, and free.  You can also use free or paid link tracking tools and software. 

Hubspot is an example: 

Personal Tracking:

I suggest that you use a spreadsheet to keep track of which ads you post, when you post and where you post and the number of visits  and conversions that you get.

Paid classified ads

There are thousands of free classified ads sites, many of those will offer paid options that will enhance your ads chances of being seen.  Of course, there are many ad sites that charge a small fee to advertise.  Both of these options have merit, but not until a little later.  Give yourself a chance to see which ads are working.

The distance between getting what you want and what you get is what you do.

Testing and Tweaking:

A simple process called testing and tweaking is how you will get more traffic out of your ads. The idea is to tweak your ads and test the results.  You make one small change (tweak) and then split test the ad.  Split testing means that you will run the old ad and the new tweaked ad and track the traffic and conversions.  This is an ongoing process which will help you to maximize your ads strength.

Using An Ad Submitter

Submitting ads manually works, but it is slow and tedious, so I began using an ad submitter almost immediately. I feel that you may want to do the same.  I have found a number of free and paid ad submitters that were literally a waste of my time.

I have found two automated Ad Submitters that are great.  

Classified Submissions is a monthly submission service, probably the best you can find, click here to visit. The negative is that you have to pay a recurring fee.

Below is a snap shot of the ad submitter I have used for years.

submitter dash
You want an ad submitter that can store ads (I can store 15)
You want an ad submitter that can send multiple ads (I can send 15 at once)
You want and ad submitter that allows you to ad your own lists of classified ad sites (personal modules)
You want an ad submitter that is fast (mine sends ads to 12 sites at once rather than one at a time, so it is 12x faster).

You want an ad submitter that will send out hundreds or thousands with one click (section 3.1 alone sends out my ads to over 5500 sites with a single click).

Becanada is the ad submission software that I use, click here to learn more.  It comes with free lifetime updates.  If you purchase software, lifetime updates are essential since free ad sites come and go and change, making your software obsolete. 

What Do You Do Next?

#1: Download your CryptoTab Browser and BE SURE to turn on your miner. 

#2:  If you do not have a web host, click here for free web hosting.  The site you are on right now is hosted by their paid version, but here is a snippet of one of  my free sites (they allow two free sites).

imme home

#3:  Copy and paste this page to your web site.  Be sure to change the CTB links to your CTB affiliate links and insert your image and story.

#4:  Publish your web page.

#5:  Shorten your website  url. 

#6:  Write your ad. 

#7:  Submit your ad.  Link the ad to your web page (a duplicate of this page) using shortened link. .

#8:  Write 2 to 4 ads per day for month 1 and make at least 12 ad submissions per day.
#9.  For month 2 and beyond make at least 24 ad submissions per day. 

#10:  Upgrade to automated submission as soon as you feel ready. 


Set up a work schedule now.  Decide how many hours you are going to invest per week and on which days and put it on paper.  Plan your work, then work your plan.  Success awaits! 

get started button
So click here or the button to get started now.

Notice of Affiliation: 

Any website or product that may be referred to on this web page or in this email should be assumed to be an affiliate with some type of remuneration and/or commission that may be gained from your visiting the affiliate site and/or making a purchase.

Income Disclaimer:

The income presented is only for estimated purposes and is not an indication or guarantee of your income.  Your income will be based on your effort and ability.  We are not responsible for the success or failure of your CTB opportunity. 


Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information presented here is accurate.
These contents are, however,  the views of the author and are meant for educational and
informational purposes only. All links are for information purposes only and are not
warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.

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